How to Achieve a Well-Designed Recycling Program for Your Multifamily Properties

By Danica Sierra, National Account Executive, RWS Facility Services

For most multifamily property managers, increasing rental revenue and drawing tenants typically take priority over developing properties’ waste programs. However, when you properly configure disposal and recycling areas and invest in the right compactor, all of the above is possible. In my recent article in Yield Pro, I discussed how to optimize waste disposal in multifamily facilities. Here are three things I highlighted that were important to implement when optimizing waste disposal in multifamily facilities.

  1. Arguably the most important way to optimize waste disposal is by creating a sustainable waste program for the property. As urban areas become more congested, so do their landfills. Landfills are reaching capacity and many states are mandating that property owners divert as much waste from landfills as possible. The best way to avoid pricey overage fees as well as fines for non-compliance with regulations is by managing a program where waste is disposed in the most cost-effective way possible. Studies show that complexes that offer recycling options enable a property to charge a higher premium in rental rates than those that do not. Not only does recycling allow you to decrease your monthly spend on waste by diverting waste from landfills, but it can also improve a property’s net operating income by appealing to today’s environmentally conscious renters.
  2. Another way to optimize waste disposal is to use the right equipment for your property based on space constraints so that sanitation trucks can easily access dumpsters and compactors. When you invest in the right compactor it not only enhances waste disposal but also saves space. It is important to note, compactors vary by size and function. Evaluating your needs before investing in expensive equipment ensures the compactor chosen is right for the space and intended use.RWS Waste Managed Services can help in the decisions with an onsite audit that assists in determining proper spacing and equipment to meet the requirements of each location.
  1. Finally, the most efficient and cost-effective way to optimize waste disposal and contain costs at your multifamily housing complex is to seek advice. Contracting with a third party for waste material management can maximize recycling benefits and let you focus on improving quality of life for your tenants.

RWS Waste Managed Services provides support through every step of the process, from a baseline analysis to onsite oversight to efficient removal of waste materials and accurate billing. We eliminate the hassle of managing multiple vendors, multiple invoices and the burden of waste management. As a true partner, we take ownership of the entire program, making it possible to significantly decrease spend and achieve sustainable collection and disposal of waste. We invite you to contact us today to see what we can do to help you get control of unexpected costs while maintaining a clean, aesthetically pleasing environment.