A New Name, Expanded Services, Same Customer Care

By Anthony Dilenno

As you may have learned by now, Recycling Waste Services (RWS) has changed its name to RWS Facility Services, and with that name change comes broader capabilities designed to serve a wider range of needs with best-in-class facilities services alongside our comprehensive waste management and recycling programs. This rebranding coincides with our recent acquisition of SSG (Sustainable Solutions Group), based in Woodstock, GA, a company that offers services like our own but in different industry segments, including retail centers, enclosed malls, office buildings, hotels and mixed-use properties.

Moving from Recycling Waste Services (RWS) to RWS Facility Services continues the same significant value we have offered our customers with our recycling and waste services: focused execution and significant cost reduction. By folding in the experience and expertise of SSG, we now have more boots on the ground to support our customers in establishing and sustaining these best practices and offer expanded environmentally conscious facility services.

Additionally, we have put into place a one-call, one-team approach to ensure your company can count on us to be its 24/7 single point of contact for all its facility service programs. We also have invested in advanced technology that provides the real-time data needed for smart decision making and a positive ROI.

Monitoring and maintaining a physical facility’s day-to-day operation provides a significant way to reduce often overlooked sources of waste and expense, such as outdated and energy-hungry heating and air conditioning systems, and proactively prevents situations that can snowball if left untended, requiring costly repairs or even causing liabilities down the road. I am excited that our broadened spectrum of services offers those benefits and can be customized to your facility’s specific needs, guaranteeing we can serve your long-term needs – and improve your bottom line in the process.

So please check us out at www.rwsfacilityservices.com and let us know how we can help your business meet your sustainability and budget goals. We look forward to partnering with you.