Fall is the Perfect Season to Give Your Facility Some TLC

By Ben Leake, director of operations, Eastern Territory, RWS Facility Services

As the days grow shorter and temperatures start to dip, businesses are getting ready for winter. Two seasonal tasks no business should neglect are conducting a visual inspection of your facility and performing preventive maintenance. As a commercial building, preparing your facility for the winter can help prevent minor issues from becoming major problems so you can enter 2021 prepared.

This year, commercial facilities face some additional complications thanks to COVID-19. With foot traffic and walk-in business slowing or stopping altogether, areas that once received plenty of attention may be underutilized, causing maintenance issues to go undetected. Staffing shortages created by layoffs have only added to this predicament, as fewer personnel are available to conduct inspections and make repairs. All of this makes addressing minor issues and heading off expensive repairs more important than ever.

In a recent article for Buildings Magazine, I wrote about the proactive steps you can take to prepare your property for the change in seasons, not to mention the challenges of operating a business during a global pandemic. Foremost among these steps is completing a thorough walkthrough of your facility. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of first inspecting your facility from top to bottom. Checking your roofs and windows, pipes and electrical systems will save a lot of money in the long run. Performing timely maintenance can also prevent accidents and other liability issues that can lead to lawsuits and fines.

However, performing a visual inspection is just the beginning. Once you’ve completed a walkthrough of your business site, you will need to address any areas that require attention and weatherproof your facility. For most buildings, weather proofing will involve cleaning up any debris, repairing those leaky pipes, replacing the batteries in your alarm system, and outfitting your HVAC units with new filters. If your facility has a lot of landscaping, you’ll also want to prepare your plantings for changes in the weather and repair any cracks in your walkways.

If you’re experiencing staff shortages or find the task of prepping your buildings for fall and winter more than a little daunting, you can also call in a facility services provider to manage these tasks for you. RWS offers a wide range of maintenance and repair services to keep your facility in prime working order, including HVAC maintenance, power washing, curb and sidewalk repair, landscaping, and roof and gutter cleaning. To learn more about what RWS has to offer, give us a call at 877-358-3402 or visit our website at www.rwsfacilityservices.com.