Give Your Building a Lift in Visual Appeal and Preserved Property Values with Power Washing

Over time, dirt, mildew, graffiti, even chewing gum can take the shine off commercial buildings, leaving them looking run-down and poorly maintained. What’s worse, corrosive agents like mildew can cause lasting damage and unsightly grime can really depress the value of your property. In a previous post, we discussed how proper maintenance of curbs, sidewalks, and gutters can increase the visual appeal of property at an affordable price point. Along with maintaining curbs, sidewalks and gutters, simply power washing your buildings can go a long way toward enhancing the visual appeal of your property and protecting your financial investment.

Many people use the terms power washing and pressure washing interchangeably, but there is an important difference between these two procedures. Whereas power washing uses heated water to get rid of all that dirt, mildew, and other grime, pressure washing uses cold water. Other than that, the equipment, water pressure and cleaning agents used in power washing and pressure washing are almost identical. However, the use of heated water gives power washing the edge when it comes to removing particularly stubborn grime and hard-to clean surfaces.

For property owners and facility managers who want to take on power washing themselves, many home supply stores offer equipment to rent or buy. However, there are some real benefits to hiring professionals, particularly for large-scale commercial properties. One of the biggest advantages is safety. Professionals are trained to use safe practices and have the right protective equipment to minimize injury and prevent property damage. Moreover, most power and pressure washing service providers carry insurance to cover injuries and property damage when accidents do happen.

Going with professionals can also make a big difference when it comes to complying with environmental regulations. The federal Clean Water Act makes it illegal to discharge industrial wastewater into storm drains or creeks, streams, and other natural water bodies and many states such as Ohio and California have their own regulations. EPA fines for violating the Clean Water Act can top $50,000 per violation, making non-compliance a very expensive proposition. Hiring a professional with knowledge of local, state, and federal environmental regulations can head off potential citations and costly penalties.

At RWS, our Power Washing National Service Program provides a cost-effective way to remove built-up dirt and keep your buildings sparkling clean and in good repair. An added benefit to working with a company like RWS is the cost savings you can realize by bundling maintenance and cleaning services. By using a single service provider to do power washing, maintain your curbs, sidewalks, and gutters, and manage your waste disposal, you can realize significant savings in maintenance costs.  We’ll even run a cost analysis to show the return on investment you can realize by using RWS for your interior and exterior facility needs.

If you’re looking for ways to extend the life of your buildings, boost property values, and impress prospective tenants and investors, power washing is an excellent option.

For more information about power washing services from RWS, download our PDF of services here.