How Companies can be More Sustainable by Enhancing Building Management Practices

Sustainable building management has evolved immensely over the past 10 to 15 years, and combating climate change now seems more important than ever. At RWS, establishing sustainable building management best practices is an integral part of our mission to not only best serve our clients but also to best serve our planet. We emphasized this in our recent article in Building Services Management magazine.

With summer is in full swing, we see these five areas as an essential part of sustainable building operations management:


Upgrading and updating your technology is one of the best ways to enhance efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

  • Configure your HVAC systems to operate at temperatures commensurate with your occupancy levels.
  • Use a computerized building management system to manage, monitor and adjust energy consumption in a building.
  • Replace light bulbs with energy efficient, T8 LED bulbs. These are brighter and use less wattage.
  • Install low-flow and waterless toilets and urinals to limit water usage.
  • Employ sensors to detect room occupancy and eliminate unnecessary energy consumption.

2. Landscaping

Another great way for a company to enhance its sustainablity is through landscaping. Reduce energy use (and subsequent costs) by selecting plantings that are native to the region and don’t consume a lot of water. One can also plant shade trees and other greenery to create a thermal effect around a building further reducing energy used to keep the building cool. Finally, composting grass cuttings instead of sending them to landfill is an easy and inexpensive way to be more sustainable.

3. Limit Chemicals

Toxic chemicals can remain in an environment for many years, and cause long-term problems for the ecosystem. It may seem obvious but switching to non-toxic chemicals for pest control and green cleaning supplies is a small sustainable choice with big results. These products are also often found in biodegradable and recyclable packaging, only furthering our sustainable goals.


We are experts at making your building’s waste disposal program more sustainable. You may have seen our previous blog: Got Junk? Sustainable Waste Disposal Programs Can Solve Your Trash Woes. We suggest composting food and landscaping waste, optimizing your recycling program by reselling waste as commodities, and investing in the proper equipment to create a more sustainable waste program. 

5. Training Employees

All of the above is imperative to a more sustainable summer, but the most important element of all is well-trained employees. When you train employees on sustainable strategies they can make better informed decisions on day-to-day practices. It also shows business partners or prospective clients the culture of your company, and that environmental issues are being taken seriously.

RWS Facility Services provides support through every step of building management. As a true partner, we take ownership of the entire program, making it possible to significantly decrease spend and improve building performance. We invite you to contact us today to see what we can do to help you employ sustainable strategies, while maintaining a clean, aesthetically-pleasing environment.