How do you prevent HVAC break downs during the summer?

Keep your building’s tenants (and your chillers) happy this spring & summer

They say the best medicine is preventive medicine – and this adage can and should be applied to commercial HVAC systems everywhere. With the spring and summer months quickly approaching, now is the perfect time to ensure your systems are ready to take the heat.

According to Minnesota’s Clean Energy Resource Teams (CERTs), more than 50% of business owners still operate with a philosophy of reactive maintenance. While you may incur costs and spend time investing in preventive maintenance, you’ll end up saving time and money in the long run.

Replacing air filters, cleaning and lubricating parts and taking a thorough inspection will go a long way in reducing the chance of a costly summer heat emergency. Whether you choose a company like RWS Facility Services to streamline the process or have your own maintenance team, inspecting for even small issues is important because they can turn into big ones.

Areas to consider for inspection:

  • Air filtration & indoor air quality
  • Control system
  • Chiller & cooling towers
  • Insulation of ductwork & refrigeration piping
  • Ventilation
  • Testing, calibration and air balancing

Well-maintained units keep your HVAC systems running more efficiently, an important goal for many businesses dedicated to reducing their carbon footprint. RWS Facility Services provides businesses like yours, and especially those with multiple locations, with a convenient way to take care of this “preventive medicine” on your HVAC systems — call us today and schedule seasonal check-ups or make sure your maintenance staff have this important task on their calendar.

Download a PDF with information about RWS HVAC services here.