Make Plumbing Maintenance and Repairs Part of Your Facility Management Strategy

All too often, people wait until an emergency to address their plumbing needs. However, adopting a more proactive approach to plumbing as part of a comprehensive facility management strategy can provide significant convenience and cost savings.

Anybody who has faced an overflowing toilet or the gurgling of water from hard-to-reach pipes knows the sinking feeling that accompanies a plumbing emergency. From standing water to bad smells, plumbing problems can inspire panic and visions of skyrocketing repair bills. For property owners and facility managers, getting on top of plumbing repairs can’t be an afterthought, because you are responsible for the well-being of every person who comes on your property.

When addressing plumbing problems, there are two lines of attack—snaking and hydro-jetting. Snakes are long metal tubes, also known as plumbing augers, with blades or a corkscrew auger attached to one end. Using a hand crank, the plumber inserts the snake into the blocked drain or toilet to remove clogs.

While snakes are often a good option for minor to moderate clogs, hydro-jetting offers a more powerful solution for more stubborn stoppages. Hydro-jetting uses special nozzles attached to machines that pressurize water. The nozzle directs a high-powered stream of water into the clogged area to remove the stoppage. Because hydro-jetting can cause further damage if you’re dealing with burst or cracked pipes, plumbers insert a small camera into the clogged area before applying the treatment. For this reason, while some snaking jobs can be done by laypeople, hydro-jetting is best left to professionals.

At best, clogged sinks and backed up toilets are messy inconveniences. At worst, black water contamination from damaged pipes and sewer mains pose a very real health hazard. Under the circumstances, the temptation to hire a plumber and call it a day is understandable. However, adopting a more proactive approach to plumbing as part of your comprehensive facility management strategy can provide significant convenience and cost savings in the long run. For example, a facility service company with qualified plumbing professionals can analyze your property and recommend the most advanced and cost-efficient solutions for a needed repair or preventive maintenance.

If you decide to engage a facility service provider, it’s important to find a company that can provide on demand service in case something goes wrong. The last thing you want is to leave a voice mail and wait for help to arrive. Service area is another important consideration. At the very least, you need a service provider with a local presence who can deploy a team to your facility as quickly as possible. For companies that operate multiple facilities in different regions, having a service provider with a national footprint can provide responsive service no matter where your facilities are located.

Another big advantage of engaging a facility service company is the ability to address multiple maintenance needs through a single provider. For example, RWS offers grease trap cleaning, power washing, junk removal, HVAC repair and maintenance, and much more in addition to plumbing services. This kind of one-stop shop offers convenience as well as reduced costs from bundling services.

Investing in ongoing plumbing maintenance and repairs as part of an overall facility management strategy makes sound business sense, providing convenience, peace of mind and savings that are tough to beat.

For more information about plumbing maintenance and repair services from RWS, download our PDF here.