Commodity Recycling Services

RWS is one of the largest diversified commodity buyers in the US. *As the 3rd largest post-industrial resin buyers, we provide leverage and knowledge to our scrap generators across North America. Our large diversified commodity portfolio includes the purchasing on 150 million retail hangers, 5 million industrial pallets and approximately 650,000 tons of material. We provide a single point of contact for national customers throughout the entire recycling and waste management process. Premium service offering tailored to industry-specific characteristics with a diversified commodity portfolio. RWS has a robust domestic and export trading platform that drives the maximum value for scrap material, with an emphasis on brand protection, dependability, and best practices.

Commodity Added Value

  • RWS buys OCC, fiber, post-industrial resin, wood pallets, ferrous and non-ferrous metals and other commodity scrap.

  • Drop Trailer and live load services

  • National footprint trading over 5,000 trailer loads monthly

  • RWS provides downstroke and horizonal balers for retail and industrial applications

  • Internal Lab testing to maximize revenue

  • Global Trading to maximize returns

Main Commodities Purchased

  • Scrap Paper & OCC

  • Metal

  • Pallets

  • Post-Industrial Plastics

  • Appliances

Annual Commodity Stats

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National Pallet Program

RWS is one of the largest pallet management companies with a focus on national account customers. RWS provides multi-locations retailers and distribution supply chains the partnership that drives real sustainable and economic value.

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    RWS has sorters and management teams at customer sites with programs that reduce cost and drive bottom line value.

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    We are more than just nails and boards. Efficient repair that drives more pallets back into the supply chain saves money. Our experience on-site repair teams bring s second life to good pallets at the fraction of the cost of new.

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    We buy core pallets from the largest supply chains in North America. We provide drop trailers, forklifts and the expertise to drive commodity revenue.

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    RWS and our B-Pallet program deliver quality pallets and at reduce cost across our supply chain