RWS Facility Services is committed to providing sustainable solutions in all aspects of your business, even the ones that are a little messy. Our Fats, Oils, and Grease Trap (FOG) services keep a restaurant or business with heavy kitchen use functioning to ensure your establishment stays in compliance with current regulations and ordinances. Our regularly scheduled maintenance programs are designed to keep your drains flowing smoothly without disrupting your business

In addition to providing grease collection and trap services, we maintain complete records of our service and handle all invoicing and reporting. And to further ensure you receive the best in customer service, we offer the convenience of a U.S. based national call center staffed with RWS employees 24/7/365. Our team uses advanced service technology and client established approval processes to deliver fast, on-time services at low national rates.

Jetting/Snaking/Plumbing Services

  • Licensed, experience technicians
  • Regularly scheduled maintenance plans
  • Environmentally responsible grease trap pumping
  • Proper disposal of trap waste
  • Thorough cleaning of the trap with a non-enzyme, non-acidic solution.
  • Testing to ensure there are no leaks all water is flowing properly

When you make RWS your full-service comprehensive facility services partner, you gain a responsive single point of contact, service programs tailored to your specific industry and real-time data for smart decision making that result in a positive return on your investment.