Gutter maintenance is vital to maintain a professional image and control costs at your facilities. A faulty or degraded gutter system can contribute to the damage of your buildings, foundations, concrete surfaces and landscaping. A properly functioning gutter system clears out excess rainwater and helps maintain the condition of your roof. You can count on the experts at RWS to provide you with affordable top-quality curb and gutter repair and installation services.

Curbs and sidewalks are also important when it comes to creating a safe and welcoming environment for tenants and visitors to your facility. Often, curbs will deteriorate over time and can become a trip hazard if they become uneven or damaged. If your curbs or the surface of your sidewalks need repair or replacement, RWS Facility Services can

Sidewalk, Curb and Gutter Services

  • Dedicated professionals with construction experience that know how to properly correct curb and gutter issues of all types
  • Repair or replace concrete curbs that are beginning to crack or crumble
  • Resurface existing sidewalks
  • Inspect for sagging gutters and missing fasteners and correct any problems
  • Remove any debris that is affecting the proper flow of water
  • Divert downspouts to change direction of water flow/drain

When you make RWS your full-service comprehensive facility services partner, you gain a responsive single point of contact, service programs tailored to your specific industry and real-time data for smart decision making that result in a positive return on your investment.