The Benefits of Temporary Fence Rentals: Peace of Mind and Affordability

Do security and safety top your list of concerns for managing your commercial and residential properties? If so, you are in good company. In 2019, there were 7 million property crimes in the US, ranging from larceny and burglary to motor vehicle theft and vandalism. While property crime has decreased in recent years, it still cost the US an estimated $16.4 billion in 2018.

Preventable injuries and deaths are another headache for property owners. In 2017, an estimated 127,300 preventable injury-related deaths occurred in homes and communities and over 38 million people sought medical assistance for nonfatal injuries. In total, preventable, injury-related deaths and medical incidents cost the US $472.6 billion that same year.

Installing fencing is an effective way to protect real estate from unwanted intruders and prevent property-related crimes and injuries. While securing your property with fencing is often a smart move, it can be expensive, depending on size and type of the fence. Add the cost of installation and you’re looking at an expenditure of thousands for new fencing. Even if you save money by handling the installation yourself, you’ll still need to invest a significant amount of labor, time, and materials to secure your property.

Such a sizable investment may make sense if you need a semi-permanent option, but many properties only require fencing during construction projects or special events. When you factor in the time and expense of installation and removal, purchasing temporary fencing doesn’t always provide great value.

For property owners seeking a cost-effective solution, renting fencing can save a lot of money and hassle. At RWS, we offer high-quality portable fencing options, reliable delivery, set-up and pick up and reasonable pricing. Our qualified technicians can quickly deliver and assemble fencing, making the program an efficient and affordable way to direct crowds during events or section off areas while construction is under way.

RWS fencing solutions come in a variety of sizes and different materials. Your options include:

• Durable steel fence panels available in 6‘ x 12‘ and 8‘ x 10‘ sizes.
• Resilient post-driven, chain link temporary fence that can be installed on any surface.
• Free-standing security fencing that is lightweight and adaptable for barricades, making this option ideal for crowd control.
• Privacy screen temporary fencing that provides protection from the weather, blocks visibility and creates a neutral and professional background.

They say good fences make good neighbors, and this is particularly true when your property requires temporary fencing and pedestrian barriers to divert crowds during special events or construction. Whatever your fencing needs, RWS has got you covered.

For more information about fencing services from RWS, download a PDF here.